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Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction can be a challenge. However, there are ways that you can make the process less difficult. Medical detox is one such treatment that can make the process of overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction easier and less painful.

The problem is that many people do not fully understand the process let alone the benefits. By understanding what goes into the process, a user can better decide the best course of action for themselves and their addiction recovery.

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What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is a process in which a person with a drug or alcohol addiction gets the substance they are addicted to out of their system. This process not only involves allowing the drug to exit the person’s system but also dealing with the negative reactions that the body and mind will have to this denial of the addicted substance. These negative reactions, of course, are known as withdrawals.

How Does It Work?

Detox works by addressing the physical addiction that a person has to drugs or alcohol. As addiction has two sides, physical and mental, it is important to note that this is only one aspect. A person’s physical addiction develops as a direct result of abuse. When a substance enters a person’s system it stimulates the brain and central nervous system to perform some actions and block others.

With enough drug abuse for a prolonged period of time, the body adjusts so that it only performs those actions when the substance tells it to. In a medical detox situation, this process is controlled and gradual rather than abrupt. This is accomplished through the use of prescription drugs administered by doctors at key points along the way.

Why Is It Important To Detox Slowly Rather Than Abruptly?

A slow detox is always preferable to an abrupt one. Doing so abruptly, essentially shocks the body. The extreme shock experienced can cause sudden and intense withdrawals. If a person has an underlying medical condition or their organs have suffered severe damage due to drug abuse, the shock can cause catastrophic and permanent organ damage and even death.

Why Is It Dangerous To Do It At Home?

Detoxing at home is always an abrupt process. This means that it is inherently dangerous. Even if a person somehow manages to do so slowly at home, there is never any guarantee of what withdrawal symptoms they will experience when they go through the process.

How Does It Trigger Relapse without Treatment?

Removing the substance from the system is effectively breaking the physical component of the condition. However, if they stop there and think that they are cured, they are incorrect and will likely cause themselves far more trouble and struggle than good. This is because it is not only physical but also mental. As such, treatment for the mental side is necessary in order to fully recover.

Why Should People Seek a Residential Treatment Center?

In residential treatment a person can go through the detox process and move directly without pause and without leaving the facility, to programs including individual and group therapy, art or music therapy, restorative yoga, and various other treatments. This keeps a person from being tempted to quit treatment early and also keeps them from relapsing until both the physical and mental addictions to drugs or alcohol are broken.

To learn more about treatment and how it can change your life for the better, contact Alcohol Treatment Centers New Haven at (203) 388-1729.

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