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10 Ways to Handle Opiate Withdrawal Without a Doctor in New Haven, CT

Taking opiates for a certain period of time usually leads to dependence on them. If you suddenly stop taking opiates, your body will start reacting, a situation which is called withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms can be mild or severe depending on the period of time, and on the doses you used. Contact ... Read More →

What Are The Stages of Alcoholism New Haven, CT

Regardless of the substance a person is dependent on, he/she is an addict. Alcohol addiction is called alcoholism. From the medical point of view, alcoholism is a chronic, progressive dis
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New Haven Rehab Recovery

New Haven rehab recovery is necessary in a society that The drug treatment process depends on individual elements working together, including detox, medication treatment, behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention. A range of recovery programs are initiated throughout this process, with individual programs normally b
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Marijuana Dependence New Haven CT

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is a psychoactive preparation of the Cannabis plant used for medical, spiritual and recreational reasons. Cannabis is known to cause euphoria and relaxation, with possible adverse effects including impaired motor skills, dry mouth, red eyes, paranoia, anxiety, and a decrease in short-term memory. Marijuana is asso
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